Shooting teacher opens fire in Rayong, Thailand

A shooting teacher who is a former soldier fired gunshots from inside a house in Rayong province in eastern Thailand this morning. Police surrounded the home however the gunman still hasn’t surrendered. No injuries or fatalities have been reported.
At 7am, officers at Mueang Rayong Police Station obtained a call from 70 12 months outdated “Rang” to help arrest his “manic” son who had fired multiple shots in the home inflicting panic to everyone in the neighbourhood.
Police mentioned the gunman is 34 yr previous “Pong,” a taking pictures teacher who used to serve in the military. Police said that Pong took methamphetamine until he started having hallucinations causing mania.
Before the incident, Pong reportedly grew dissatisfied after he was scolded by a female neighbour. He walked into the house, shut the door, and fired a gun, stated police.
Concerned neighbours referred to as Pong’s father Rang who, fearing extra gunfire, swiftly referred to as the police to the scene.
Police tried to persuade Pong to come outside to no avail. Around one hour later, Pong fired two extra pictures, certainly one of them penetrating the neighbour’s window but fortunately not hurting anybody. After the gunfire, Pong said, “Don’t stress me, don’t pressure me.” Then everything fell silent.
Pong’s parents came to the scene and told their son to place his gun down and are available exterior, however he nonetheless didn’t surrender.
Mold mentioned that his son has a passion for firearms. After he was discharged from the military, Pong began collecting weapons and have become a capturing teacher, his father mentioned.
Pong married and had a daughter however later moved out to live alone after splitting up along with his spouse, said Rang. He was manic due to drug abuse, he added.
A neighbour, 61 year old “Lek,” said that Pong was a good-natured individual but his behaviour changed recently after Pong began getting involved with drugs. Lek said that lately Pong likes to shoot guns inside the house at night, terrifying everyone in the street..

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