Injured sea turtle rescued, rehabilitating at Phuket Marine Centre

There’s been one other sea turtle rescue in Thailand. An injured olive ridley sea turtle was lately found at Thai Mueang Beach in Phang Nga province and is now receiving care on the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC). The younger turtle had lost one of its flippers, likely because of entanglement in fishing nets, based on wildlife specialists, The Phuket News reported.
Officials from the Sirithan Rare Marine Life Rescue Center, situated at the PMBC on Phuket’s Cape Panwa, had been informed of the turtle’s plight by their colleagues from the Khao Lampi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park. Both the park and the rescue middle operate underneath the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR). The DMCR revealed that the rescued turtle is youngl, measuring barely over 50 centimetres in diameter and weighing approximately 15.four kilograms. The gender of the turtle has not yet been identified.
The turtle is missing its right front flipper, with a bone protruding from inflamed flesh. Wildlife officers suspect that it sustained the harm from getting entangled in discarded fishing nets.
The DMCR added that the turtle is suffering from severe lung inflammation. Therefore, Template are at present providing appropriate treatment and rehabilitation on the Sirithan Rare Marine Life Rescue Center, as reported on Facebook by the DMCR.
Sea turtles usually get injured by discarded fishing nets in Thailand. Last yr, one other olive ridley sea turtle injured its flipper from a discarded fishing net. The DCMR worked to nurse the turtle back to health, and expected it to make a full restoration..

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