Viral harvest: Durian’s charming dance on TikTok leaves viewers in awe

A charming TikTok video boasting over 13.9 million views inside a mere day showcases impressive skill and accuracy in the harrowing process of durian harvesting. The durian trees, found in a farm in Chumphon province, tower as high as 5 to 9 metres, setting an imposing stage for the intriguing footage.
Captured from the vantage point of a courageous particular person scaling these lofty heights, the video provides an adrenaline-pumping window into the complex means of durian cultivation. The individual aloft makes use of one hand to exact a clear reduce from the durian stem, afterwards launching the fruit in direction of the bottom. Descending at high velocity, the durians are adroitly caught by one other particular person on the ground.
Accuracy is crucial on this enterprise, as a mishandled throw or catch could go away the precious fruit broken or, worse, injure the particular person at the receiving end. Besides, simply trying at the climbing individual, a quantity of storeys excessive with no security tools, is enough to induce vertigo in lots of viewers, reported Sanook.

Following Hilarious to reveal the id of the catching particular person, the TikTok user, known as sutthipat_09, launched one other clip that includes a dexterous teenage girl because the catcher. Much to the delight of commenters, the younger lady proves to be not only extremely competent but in addition charming. Responding to an inquiry on whether she had ever dropped a durian, she admitted to occasional hiccups, similar to letting the bag slip out of her palms, but stood resolute, refusing to admit defeat.
The launched video has since garnered applause from netizens, marvelling on the durian farm workers’ skill, training, and acquired expertise for every intricate process of durian cultivation—from planting to harvest. Harvesting durians, as it seems, isn’t a simple feat by any means..

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