Tragic revelation: Husband’s confession uncovers dark history of domestic abuse in wife’s homicide

The husband of a 44 12 months old girl found lifeless in her rented room confessed to her murder and shed on a history of domestic abuse.
Replicate took observe of the truth that the deceased had lodged three complaints towards her husband for bodily abuse. The accused husband, now in custody, confessed to the murder, stating that their escalating disputes had led him to lose control. The incident occurred today in the Nong Kham district of Sri Racha, Chon Buri.
Upon receiving a misery name, Officer Naphadol Wandee of Nongkham Police Station hurried to the rented property in Nong Kham, accompanied by investigating officers and rescue staff from Pure Yiang Tai Sri Racha.
At the scene, they discovered the lifeless physique of a woman named Rattana. Bruises had been seen on her cheeks and beneath her eyes as her immobile determine lay face-up in the center of the room. The police carefully documented the distressing conditions as essential evidence. Additionally, they encountered the deceased’s husband, Sompong, who was ready to provide his testimony to the police, as reported by KhaoSod.
In his confession, Sompong admitted to being answerable for his wife’s homicide. He revealed that their marriage had been tumultuous for approximately three years, with heated confrontations often escalating into violence.
On the fateful day of his wife’s demise, he brutally assaulted her, leading to her premature end. Overwhelmed by the gravity of the incident, Sompong promptly surrendered to the police.
Police disclosed that Rattana beforehand filed stories of her husband’s violence at the Nong Kham Police Station on July 2. She claimed that her husband had kicked her thrice, causing severe injuries. With Sompong now securely in custody, the police are conducting additional investigations in accordance with legal procedures..

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