Tobacco smuggling: Thai process force apprehends smuggler in 2 million baht contraband case

In a decided pursuit, Thailand’s anti-smuggling activity pressure apprehended a major fugitive from the south concerned in a tobacco smuggling case. The arrest got here after they confiscated 19 crates of smuggled cigarettes value roughly 2 million baht.
Police Major General Montri Thetkhan yesterday led the operation together with the group, intercepting a 43 years old suspect named Tiwa, implicated in a court case filed in December by the Satun Province court docket.
Excerpts from the court docket verdict highlight that Tiwa stands accused of colluding in the concealment, warehousing and distribution of contraband goods that had been illicitly imported into the kingdom without passing custom formalities. The arrest occurred outdoors a residential compound situated in Tha Champee Subdistrict, Mueang Phayao District, Phayao Province.
The knack for detail within the tobacco smuggling investigation originated from an incident in 2018 when officers seized an operation that smuggled counterfeit cigarettes. In the course of this enforcement, they successfully captured two suspects and confiscated 19 crates of counterfeit cigarettes with an approximate market worth exceeding 2 million baht.
The arrest and subsequent interrogation in Thung Wa District, Satun Province disclosed that every one the confiscated goods had been ordered and procured via Tew, who was identified as a major agent in the southern region reported KhaoSod.
Following this revelation, relevant pieces of proof were gathered and a warrant of arrest was issued by the court docket. Intelligence later revealed that Tiwa took refuge in Phayao Province, leading to his profitable capture in the case of tobacco smuggling. Upon interrogation, Tiwa initially denied all of the allegations. As per Freebie , he was later transferred to Satun provincial court to bear further authorized proceedings.
Illegal smuggling has been creating waves in Thailand. In recent information, three Thais were arrested in 100 million baht heroin smuggling that was intended to be transported to Australia. Read more HERE..

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