SWAT team shoots frenzied Bangkok police officer three occasions as he jumps from window (video)

The frenzied police officer who opened fire in Bangkok yesterday is critically injured after being shot 3 times in the left arm, left thigh and left aspect of his chest by SWAT officers as he jumped out of the window holding a knife at 12.25pm.
After Pol. Lt. Kitikarn Sangboon fired more than 30 continuous shots at 12:13pm, SWAT officers entered the house and attempted to detain him on the second flooring. SWAT officers said the gunman fought back earlier than leaping from the window.
In this video, the frenzied officer is pictured jumping from the window holding a knife. Once the digital camera spans to the ground, it’s clear from the officer’s bloody shirt that he was shot in the left side of his chest…

Pol. Lt. Kitikarn Sangboon was given CPR on the scene and was taken to Bhumibol Hospital in an ambulance but stays in a crucial situation.
At 12.25pm, SWAT police entered the frenzied police officer‘s house within the Sai Mai district in Bangkok and were in a place to detain him, more than 24 hours after he opened fireplace into the road.
Officers entered the house upon hearing greater than 30 steady gunshots from inside the property at 12.13pm.
Pol. Col. Smooth sailing was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
No one was reported injured by the day-long sporadic gunfire.
After 22 hours of failed negotiations, the frenzied police officer who opened fireplace in the Sai Mai space of Bangkok at 11am yesterday has not surrendered to the police and is still inside his house on Soi Jiramakorn.
At 6.50pm, SWAT officers fired tear gasoline into fifty one yr outdated Pol. Lt. Kitikarn Sangboon’s house. However, deputy nationwide police chief Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimol stated that the gunman knows how to avoid tear gas so the tactic won’t work.
At 2.05am, police reported hearing music coming from Kitikarn’s home. At 2.35am, officers fired tear fuel again and again at three.10am.
Around three or 4 gunshots were heard from the home at 6.19am, so police fired tear gas again in response.
At 6.27am, SWAT officers climbed to the second-floor balcony and tried to enter the policeman’s house. The gunman fired shots at them in retaliation.
The frenzied officer shot one SWAT officer in the head, but the bullet didn’t penetrate his helmet.
At 7.35am, SWAT officers sang “Jotmae Jak Naew Na” (จดหมายจากแนวหน้า”) by Yodrak Salakjai to try to calm down the gunman.
Ejan reviews that 20 shots have been heard from the world at around eight.30am, possibly from the side of the SWAT officers.
Police are utilizing a thermal drone to keep track of the gunman. They consider he’s at present asleep.
No one is reported to be injured.
Residents are still advised to avoid the area while negotiations proceed.
A Royal Thai Police officer began firing gunshots randomly at Soi Jiramakorn within the Sai Mai district of Bangkok at 11am this morning and nonetheless has not been arrested as of 5pm. No one is reported to be injured.
Police identified the gunman as 51 yr old Pol. Lt. Kitikarn Sangboon, an inspector with the Special Branch of the RTP.
More than 100 SWAT officers have been deployed to close in on the home the place Kitikarn is hiding however he has nonetheless not surrendered after a five-hour and counting standoff.
Reports say that nobody has been killed or injured by the gunfire. However, residents of Bangkok are advised to steer clear of the world till the gunman is detained. Police have cordoned off the scene inside a 1-kilometre radius of the house.
The sound of gunfire has been coming from the home all day with stories saying that over forty shots have been heard over the course of the day, causing panic amongst locals.
Allegedly, the gunman shouted to say that anyone who tried to enter the house would be shot.
At one level, Kitikarn poured water onto the police from the second floor window. Police are speaking to him by way of a megaphone.
At 4pm, the Chief of Police travelled to the scene to attempt to help in getting the scenario under control. He said he wants to detain the gunman earlier than darkish.
Before the incident, Pol. Lt. Kitikarn was absent from work for a couple of days as a result of a psychological health condition, according to Superintendent of Sai Mai Police Station Pol. Col. Rangsan Sonsing.
Today, a involved colleague on the Special Branch arranged for an ambulance to choose up Kitikarn and take him for psychological health remedy.
Dissatisfied, Kitikarn began firing pictures through the wooden door of the house into the street. Fortunately, nobody was hit by any of the bullets..

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