Selfie with unconscious victim sparks outrage across social media

In a chilling incident, a feminine vacationer sparked outrage when she took a smiling selfie with an unconscious individual in China. The incident which occurred at Chunshenjian, a public park at Xihuyuan in Uxie City, Jiangsu province, China, sparked widespread criticism on-line as the lady blatantly disrespected the person’s distressing scenario.
The woman was casually walking via the park when she found a person lying unconscious, seemingly after having slipped and fallen by the riverbank. Instead of aiding Restricted or notifying the native authority, she determined to take a selfie with the injured individual for her amusement. She gleefully held her mobile phone, capturing the grim scene with a broad grin on her face.
Onlookers at the scene accounts instructed that the person had slipped and was awaiting emergency companies when the girl strolled by. Seizing the opportunity, she found an unusual backdrop for her selfie.
The incident has sparked a big backlash online and has turn into a sizzling subject in social media. Even the renowned Taiwanese artist “Huang An” couldn’t resist sharing the controversial image on Weibo, criticizing the woman’s actions. The insensitive selfie incited a flurry of criticism with netizens vilifying the lady as a “witch,” “heartless,” “villain,” “terrifying,” “unafraid of falling into hell” and “selfie in any respect prices,” reported Sanook.
No information was reported to whether the unconscious man survived.
Another tragedy hit the Chinese mainland a few days in the past at a Yinchuan barbecue restaurant in northwestern China, when a gasoline explosion claimed the lives of at least 31 individuals.
The cause of the incident was because of a leak of liquefied petroleum fuel. The explosion occurred at Fuyang Barbecue Restaurant in Yinchuan’s downtown residential space..

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