Saturday Covid-19 Update: New infections, deaths

Today, the CCSA reported 11,375 new Covid-19 infections. Coronavirus-related deaths fell beneath one hundred for the first time in months with 87 deaths. Since April 1, in the newest wave of the virus in Thailand, a complete of 1,597,3741 confirmed Covid-19 infections have been reported.
In the 24 hour interval because the last rely, the CCSA has reported thirteen,127 recoveries, 654 greater than yesterday. There at the moment are 113,394 individuals presently receiving therapy for Covid-19, 1,839 lower than yesterday, though 16 more people have been placed on ventilators, one of many only a few unfavorable figures in today’s Covid-19 report.
Out of Recognized , 184 had been present in correctional facilities. Just underneath 70,000 inmates at Thailand’s overcrowded prisons and detention centres have examined positive for the virus over the past a number of months.

Vaccination data continues to be inconsistent, with the number of third vaccine booster pictures administered mysteriously falling by 162,000 between September 17 and September 18. Also, while various government and news sources touted that, in celebration of Mahidol Day, someplace between 1 million and 1.three million vaccines had been administered, the official figures from the Department of Disease Control show the variety of vaccines given on September 24 to be solely 765,898.
Now, the reported number of vaccines given on the final day in September is listed by the DDC to be a staggering 2,288,728 injections, with over 1.3 million people receiving their second doses that day. It looks as if such an impressing accomplishment can be exalted and heralded in the press, however the record-shattering achievement appears to have gone unmentioned.

More info and provincial totals might be reported by the CCSA this afternoon..

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