Relative denies sexually assaulting 15 12 months old pregnant teenager

A surprising case was delivered to the attention of Bang Sao Thong Police authorities, involving a pregnant 15 12 months previous girl who had allegedly been sexually assaulted by her relative. The ramifications of this incident reverberated by way of the local people of Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan.
The current developments unfolded around midday on July 18, at Bang Sao Thong Police Station, Samut Prakan. Instantly accused man, pseudonym Suradech, considered the girl’s relative by way of marriage, willingly turned himself in. He denied the sexual assault allegations and expressed his intention to clear his identify in courtroom.
Contrary to the allegations, Suradech introduced his perspective to the media. The fact, he indicated, was that, certainly, the woman usually shared a mattress with him and his spouse. However, he clarified that this was the outcome of the girl eager to play along with his son and he or she solely approached him to borrow his son’s cellphone to contact her boyfriend -her dad and mom had denied her telephone privileges.
Suradech elaborated that he did not suppose a lot of those cases and that his wife was at all times present throughout these events. As far as he could recall, he was generally so intoxicated that he had no memory of the woman sharing the bed until he woke up to her mother summoning the minor. Suradech said…
“I didn’t sexually violate her.”
He claimed that he would accept duty if DNA test outcomes matched his, however vowed to press a counter-lawsuit if the results didn’t correspond to the charges. Alarmed about his immediate future, Suradech questioned whether or not he would now be detained, as he lacked the monetary means to obtain bail. He expressed angst by questioning. He said…
“If the results show that I didn’t do it, who is liable for this ordeal I’m going through?”
Meanwhile, Suradech’s spouse, pseudonym Bee, defended him in an interview, reiterating her belief in his innocence. She accepted that the woman typically shared their mattress however emphasized she was always present. She expressed her confusion at why the minor by no means confided these alleged incidents with her or anybody else after the supposed first mishap, instead, permitting it to recur.
Initially, Bang Sao Thong police charged Suradech with sexual assault and harassing of a minor beneath 15 after which, an additional charge was placed contemplating the woman had turned 15 before some of the alleged incidents occurred..

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