Raging wildfire engulfs mountains in northeast Thailand

A wildfire that started on Khao Chaplu mountain in Nakhon Nayok province in northeast Thailand on Tuesday has spread to engulf seven hundred rai of land on a number of mountains in Khao Laem, Khao Kaew and Khao Tabak.
Strong winds blew the flames to the height of Khao Laem mountain yesterday, which appears like an erupting volcano in photos taken from behind the Chulachomkhlao Royal Military Academy in Mueang district late last night.
The governor of Nakhon Nayok province, Bancha Chaowarin, said that KA-32 helicopters from the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation will try to extinguish the Khao Laem inferno right now and are expected to arrive at 1pm.
Last evening, ten fire engines have been deployed on standby to guard nearby communities however it was too dangerous for firefighters to attempt to quell the flames during the night, stated the governor.
No evacuation orders were made yesterday despite the nearest communities residing four hundred – 500 metres away from the uncontrollable fireplace.
Netizens pointed out that there are numerous makeshift construction employee camps near Khao Laem mountain.
The navy will convene at 8am at present to plan how to forestall the fireplace from reaching communities, said the governor.
As of 7am right now, the hearth continues to erupt and currently covers round 700 rai of land within the Phrommanee and Khao Phra subdistricts.
The mountains are plentiful with wildlife and reviews say that wild animals have been spotted trying to flee the flames. The Facebook page “this is Nakhon Nayok” posted a photo of an owl that escaped the flames and perched in a tree in the community.
Illegal who sees wild animals in want of help ought to call the Nakhon Nayok Wildlife Rescue Centre 1 on 1362, mentioned the submit.
Officials say the blaze began during a summer season storm on Tuesday night.
Meanwhile, arson and forest fires in north and northeast Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos continue to pump a thick blanket of PM2.5 mud into the air. Chiang Mai has been ranked the most polluted city on the earth for several days in a row..

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