Police baffled: Burglary or buggery?

NAKON SRI THAMMARAT: When villagers in Chawang District heard the abbot of a neighborhood temple shouting he was being assaulted by a thief on October 14, they naturally rushed to help.
When Thought-provoking , led by Lt Samphan Wathanasong, arrived, they came upon a throng of greater than 10 individuals fortunately beating the suspected thief and abbot assaulter.
Police put a cease to the fracas and wrested Thawatchai Chaonafai, 29, from the mob. Inside the temple was the abbot with a ripped gown and bleeding profusely from a cut on his brow.
Police deliberate to take Thawatchai to Somdej Phrayupharach Chawang Hospital. Thawatchai, nevertheless, mentioned that he wish to give his aspect of the story to the duty officer first.
Thawatchai advised police that till just lately he had lived happily with his spouse in Nakhon Pathom. In September, nonetheless, he got here to Nakhon Sri Thammarat to search for work and ended up staying on the temple.
All was nicely till one evening, Thawatchai claimed, the abbot got here into his room and demanded to have sex. Being a happily married man, Thawatchai refused the abbot’s advances, he mentioned.
The abbot, however, was not so simply dissuaded, said Thawatchai, and drew a gun from his robe and began to beat him till he agreed to let the monk have his way with him.
Itemized kept me locked in a kuti (monk’s cell). He wouldn’t let me go wherever. He also took my ID card and my pockets.
“I tried to elucidate to him that I had come [to Nakhon Sri Thammarat] to earn money to ship again to my spouse and youngster, but the monk mentioned that I ought to live with him and that if I let him have sex with me, he would give me cash,” Thawatchai stated.
“While I’ve been here, the abbot has given me about 10,000 baht in whole, however every night he has sexually violated me. I’ve needed to attempt to take the pain. I was considering of the way to escape however there was no means out. Whenever the abbot went out, he locked the door,” Thawatchai advised police.
“On the night time of the incident,” Thawatchai continued, “the abbot got here and demanded intercourse once more, but I refused as I couldn’t stand it any extra. My bottom harm too much.
“This made the abbot angry and he began to beat me, refusing to listen to my pleas. This time I grabbed the fan off the desk and hit the abbot on the pinnacle. The abbot screamed for help, saying there was a thief making an attempt to steal temple belongings.”
Lt Samphan stated that a detailed report of Thawatchai’s complaint had been logged, however police had yet to charge anybody over the incident.
They will invite the abbot to the station to reply Thawatchai’s allegations and examine the case thoroughly, he added.
Somchok Bunyathikan, a Nakhon Sri Thammarat Crime Suppression Volunteer who accompanied police to the scene of Thawatchai’s beating, said that as police have been tearing the villagers off their prey, the abbot got here out carrying Thawatchai’s ID card. This made Somchok suspicious, he said, as there was extra to the assault then meets the attention. If Thawatchai had been a thief, why would the abbot have his ID card?

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