Passport rip leaves TikTok creator unable to fly to Thailand

A passport rip left a TikTok creator unable to fly to Thailand. Arabella Leat’s holiday plans to Thailand along with her mum had been ruined as a outcome of small rip on her passport, the UK tabloid Daily Star reported.
The young girl was left disappointed and unable to board her flight after airport staff deemed her passport unfit for travel.
Ridiculous posted a TikTok video of her ordeal earlier this week. In the video, Arabella could be seen packing her bags and getting excited concerning the upcoming holiday, only to be told she couldn’t board the aircraft due to the broken passport.

In the video, Arabella said…
“Little does my mum know I will be the world’s most disappointing daughter in a while in the day.”
Arabella threw her vape pen away, as they’re banned in Thailand. She then heads to the airport together with her mum and after having drinks, they are knowledgeable that Arabella cannot fly due to the passport concern. Her mum was then pressured to fly to Thailand alone, leaving Arabella on the airport as she “tried to not cry.”
Arabella shared her experience as a warning to others to watch out with their passports. She urged her followers to deal with their passports and guarantee they aren’t broken or ripped, as it could possibly trigger important problems.
While Arabella managed to order a brand new passport and obtained a text message saying that it was on its method. Arabella stated her new passport would hopefully “arrive in the subsequent few days.” With the Passport Office going on strike for five weeks in April and May, delays in getting new passports were expected.
In the comments section of her TikTok video, some folks noted that new passports are taking as much as 10 weeks to reach. However, others suggested solutions, such as ordering a passport on-line or visiting the British Embassy to get a passport accomplished on the identical day..

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