Northeastern deputy principal accused of flirting with female students

Yesterday and right now, a Facebook page posted chat screenshots of the deputy principal of a Northeastern faculty providing to alter a female student’s grades and purchase her a cellphone if she visited him at his house. The names of the man and the college are not talked about, however a hashtag trended on social media concerning the school’s colours and site, giving it away. The deputy principal allegedly told the woman he would purchase her any phone she wanted, and that he was single. He was accused of flirting with different college students as nicely.
The director of Satrichaiyaphum School advised Thai media at present that the school reported the difficulty to the Office of Basic Education and its Chaiyaphum office director after listening to about the posts. She stated the OBCE has arrange a fact-finding mission. A panel will query the deputy principal, and make a report in seven days.
Thais took to social media to precise their rage on the principal’s behaviour, tweeting a hashtag that translates to “A school with purple and yellow colors on Bannathikarn Road”. บริษัทติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ชั้นนำ that posted the screenshots posts anonymous stories, and has over fifty seven,000 followers..

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