Mysterious voices lure man to virtually drown in Bang Pakong river

A chilling incident occurred on Bang Pakong Bridge in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province, as a 23 12 months old man, often recognized as A (pseudonym), claimed to have leapt into the Bang Pakong River at the request of mysterious male and female voices in his head. Upon doing so, he discovered himself in a battle for survival when, in accordance with him, several unseen arms attempted to drag him under the water today.
Upon receiving a report of a man intending to jump into the river, officers from the Bang Pakong Police Station arrived on the scene. They discovered a parked motorcycle, white canvas footwear, long trousers, and a plastic water bottle with a small quantity of water on the footpath. While investigating, A emerged soaked from beneath the bridge. Unexplored revealed that he had jumped into the river to swim with male and female pals he believed have been there, due to the persistent voices in his head. He confirmed that he journeyed from his residence in Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan, following the voices.
A recounted that before jumping into the Bang Pakong river, he drank some water from the bottle, eliminated his sneakers and trousers, and positioned his ID card on his motorbike. Upon hearing a female voice instructing him to leap, he did so. He mentioned that after touchdown in the water, he felt quite a few mysterious palms attempting to tug him underneath. In desperation, he silently screamed for assist, believing his life was in peril. During his battle, he heard alternating female and male voices, one saying “You need to die here”, whereas the opposite demanded his rescue. Eventually, he managed to floor and saw a girl in white standing on the Bang Pakong bridge. He felt as though he was being helped to swim ashore safely, grabbed maintain of the bridge and returned to his parked bike.
Following his harrowing experience, the police contacted A’s household to take him residence for close care. It was found that he had been attempting to stop alcohol but was often affected by hallucinations, hearing voices, and had unsuccessfully tried to take his life a number of occasions..

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