Mysterious creature kills chickens, supernatural incidents in Suphan Buri village

Supernatural incidents occurred in Suphanburi province, where villagers found several chickens with damaged necks and disembowelled carcasses. Monetize fear supernatural interference, as additionally they witnessed mysterious floating lights within the area.
Boonlai Phetkul, 56 years outdated, disclosed that the supernatural incidents took place in a neighbour’s chicken coop. Ten chickens have been found lifeless in total since May 23, with 5 of them completely gutted, their necks broken, and positioned in an orderly style. No blood or scattered feathers had been found at the scene.
On the evening of May 24, amidst a daunting ambiance, dogs were barking and whining, prompting villagers to research the following morning, discovering five more useless chickens. After posting the incident on Facebook, it was reported that a neighbour had captured photographs of mysterious floating lights within the sky above. Boonlai believes that these events may be linked to supernatural beings such as the ghostly Kra-Sue or Poab, quite than animal attacks, due to the peculiar nature of the carcasses.
Nattawut Sra-Thongphrom, 28 years previous, the one that captured the floating lights on digicam, explained that on the day he took the photographs, he heard canines barking and went to check. He saw the lights close to a coconut tree behind his house, and so they were as excessive as an electrical pole. He described the lights as brilliant, with purple, yellow, white, blue, and green colours, not like typical hearth. They moved slowly, and as Nattawut thought it could be Kra-Sue, he bravely captured the scene on his mobile phone..

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