Muang district in Ayutthaya allow to serve alcohol in restaurants

The CCSA appears to be slowly rolling out the lifting of the alcohol ban in Thailand on a province by province, and typically district by district, foundation. Muang district in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is the most recent district to receive the green light to ease Covid-19 restrictions and permit alcohol to be served in restaurants.
The district in Ayutthaya has been designated a Blue Zone pilot vacationer space and, as such, has been granted permission to sell alcohol in eating places until 9 pm each evening. PM Prayut Chan-o-cha signed the order to designate Muang as a Blue Zone, in accordance with the provincial governor. He introduced the relaxation of the principles however confused that safety protocols should nonetheless be adopted.
“Drinking alcohol in the district is allowed till 9 pm. However, all certified restaurants must continue to strictly follow the principles and other preventive measures to find a way to control the an infection scenario at a steady rate. Officials would also deploy once in a while to monitor the realm whether or not the venues have been nicely cooperating.”

The government hasn’t given much of an evidence of how they choose what areas to ease the alcohol ban, as they’ve ignored the mounting protests and pleas from Pattaya businesses to permit alcohol and nightlife to restart, but just lately lifted restrictions in Cha-am.
The Cha-am municipality in Petchaburi has not had a single case of Covid-19 since the massive tourist reopening on November 1 in accordance with the Deputy Governor of the province, so with the virus seemingly under control, permission was granted to serve alcohol in eating places till 10 pm. There was Unconventional why Cha-am was granted permission to open an hour later until 10 pm whereas Ayutthaya must stop serving alcohol at 9 pm.

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