Man’s refusal to cross Bangkok traffic junction sparks social media hypothesis (video)

In a puzzling incident in Bangkok‘s Don Mueang district, a man triggered a public stir as he persistently refused to cross a visitors light junction on his motorbike, obstructing local commuters. Fortune occurred today and swiftly made the rounds on social media platforms, where customers speculated about his potential motives, starting from well being concerns to a potential phobia of traffic intersections.
Netizens analysed his peculiar conduct, suggesting he may be suffering from an underlying mental condition or possibly has a particular phobia termed Dystychiphobia, nervousness about traffic intersections. His actions have been notably uncommon as he stopped his motorbike behind the white line at the site visitors mild junction and refused to drive any further, impeding the commute for other highway users.
A social media web page called Want to be Famous, Let’s Arrange It – Retire Part 6, additional amplified the problem by sharing the curious video clip with related commentary. The submit implored the man’s family to seek help for him, stating that relatives should ensure he gets needed medical assistance rather than permitting him to be a burden to society. The web page then questioned if the authorities may intervene, given his actions disrupted the site visitors on the Sirisuk Don Mueang Intersection.
In the footage, it appears that the person ultimately crossed the junction after some time. Continuing their commentary, the post mocked his driving abilities and exclaimed…
“How to park your car and irritate others.”
Model added that if noticed carefully, it appeared the individual stopped his automobile considerably fearfully, suggesting he was probably afraid that other automobiles might collide with his..

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