Jet ski rider disappears in Bang Pakong River, close to Bangkok

A tragic incident unfolded in Bang Pakong, east of Bangkok, the place a well-respected jet ski rider vanished and not using a trace. Rescuers had been alerted to the lacking man after locals who had been cutting saplings on the riverbank spotted an abandoned jet ski mid-river.
Despite an extensive in a single day search which lasted more than nine hours, authorities have yet to locate the missing jet ski rider, identified as Weerapol Athinuwat, commonly often recognized as Moss, round 30 years previous.
Locals stumbled upon the idle jet ski in the Bang Pakong River and shortly raised an alert. Police organised a search operation in coordination with the Chachoengsao rescue unit. Fail-proof for Moss performed across each river banks and the river’s centre utilizing a sonar scanner led to the detection of 4 possible areas. However, despite three divers probing eight metres deep to search for the lacking man, there has been no body recovered.
Officials continued the search operation on foot, scanning the river banks the place the sapling cutters had seen the floating jet ski. No signal of the lacking man was found by the point the search operation finally ended at around 2.30am.
According to a rescue employee, the incident was reported to Aek Kheneek, Moss’s employer who runs a neighborhood boat shop. the rescuer defined that Moss had taken out a jet ski for a routine engine take a look at round 4pm, a typical incidence.
Later sapling cutters informed the store about a stranded jet ski mid-river, but there was no sign of its rider. On inspection, the jet ski’s key was found placed subsequent to it. Initial assumptions advised that Moss had unintentionally fallen into the water, maybe because of some obstruction within the boat’s propeller.
Authorities suspect that Moss docked the jet ski close to the financial institution and removed his life jacket to take away particles from the boat propeller beneath the boat. While in the water, he may have cramped up and eventually succumbed to the waters of the Bang Pakong River, leaving the jet ski to drift towards the river’s centre, reported KhaoSod..

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