German politician’s damning critique of NATO raises questions about alliance’s purpose (video)

As global leaders gathered on the NATO summit in Lithuania final week, looking for to ratify the membership of Sweden and discuss Ukraine’s eligibility, German politician Sevim Dagdelen delivered a scathing indictment of what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization stands for.
The forty seven yr old German Left Party member dissected NATO hypocrisy, lies and smoke and mirrors with the precision of a highly expert surgeon in theatre as the German Parliament convened alongside the summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Dagdelen said…
“Whenever there could be talk about NATO, the next three myths are spread. First myth: NATO is a defensive alliance. But was it, not NATO that waged a war in violation of worldwide regulation towards Yugoslavia, bombing civilians, tv stations and the Chinese embassy?
“Wasn’t it NATO that waged struggle in Afghanistan for 20 years with hundreds of hundreds of civilian deaths and struggle crimes? Is this known as defence?
“Second myth: NATO is an alliance of democrats and the rule of law. This is already traditionally an outright lie. One want only recall NATO member Portugal with the fascist Salazar regimes and its brutal colonial wars in Africa.
“The unlawful wars of the US and its allies have cost the lives of 4 and a half million folks within the final 20 years alone, according to the analysis of the famend Brown University within the US.
“Is this what commitment to international legislation appears like?
“Third fable: NATO defends human rights. And this, whereas Guantanamo detainees continue to be tortured, or whereas the journalist Julian Assange is facing a hundred seventy five years in prison within the US for making public struggle crimes committed by NATO member, the US. It could not get any more mendacious than this.
“The truth is straightforward: Whoever is a member of NATO participates in a welfare alliance that goals at expansion and tramples on worldwide legislation and human rights. Whoever is a member of NATO loses his democratic sovereignty because it is all the time the USA that hegemonically enforces its pursuits.
“And whoever is a member of NATO sacrificing the social safety of his population by the massive policy of high armament. Every fifth child in our country is now poor but the German navy price range grows and grows. This is a disgrace.
“It is high time to dissolve this murderous navy pact. After 78 years, it’s time for the USA to withdraw its troop, including nuclear weapons, from Germany.
“We want peace, not NATO.”

Dagdelen’s “US hegemonically imposing its interests” view was echoed by New York Times journalists Grey Anderson and Thomas Meaney.
In an op-ed piece last week, they uncovered NATO’s duplicity and dishonesty.
They said, that under the US “global warfare on terrorism,” banner, European nations dashed to rearm and increase their navy power. This is highlighted no extra so than the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
The US propaganda machine has successfully persuaded most of the world to believe Russia is the dangerous man, and Ukraine the good guy, despite a UN Commission of Inquiry highlighting the latter’s warfare crimes, indiscriminate assaults on infrastructure, and systematic and widespread torture displaying a disregard for its civilians.
Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, roughly half of European navy expenditure went to US manufacturers. The surge in demand has worsened this development as patrons hasten to acquire tanks, fight aircraft, and other weapons techniques, committing to costly, multiyear agreements. While Europe could also be undergoing a strategy of remilitarisation, the US is benefiting significantly from it.
Extra pointed out that the conflict additionally acts as a rehearsal for the US confrontation with China, wherein European support cannot be easily relied upon.
Restricting Beijing’s entry to strategic technologies and selling US industry is not high on European agendas, and the concept of severing European and Chinese trade stays tough to ascertain. Yet, there are already Fortune that NATO is making progress in convincing Europe to align with its regional stance.
Prior to his visit to Washington on the end of June, Germany’s defence minister duly emphasised his recognition of “European responsibility for the Indo-Pacific” and the importance of “the rules-based international order” in the South China Sea..

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