Fortune teller reveals fortunate lottery numbers, thrilling hopeful crowds

The Thevada Fortune Teller‘s office in Rayong held a ceremony, where locals sought blessings for luck after successful significant lottery prizes prior to now. The auspicious numbers revealing event mesmerized the attendees.
The ceremony occurred at Thevada Fortune Teller office positioned along BanKhai-BanBueng highway in Nong Bua, Ban Khai District, Rayong. Niruth Lamdapwong, Thevada Fortune Teller (Psychic Communicator with Devas), led the ritual to awaken water’s magical energy and light-weight numbered candles. Students and locals gathered to partake in the rites and observe the enchanted water and numbered candles.
Following the ceremony, individuals eagerly crowded around the water to look at the floating wax droplets, which appeared to swirl round even though the container remained stationary. This extraordinary occurrence generated excitement among all concerned. No problem fashioned the quantity 15, whereas the 2 numbered candles displayed 214 and 942. Participants took keepsake images for future lottery attracts.
Thevada Fortune Teller Niruth advised individuals to consider of their good deeds, saying that good ideas and actions bring optimistic outcomes. He urged these seeking good fortune to apply good deeds, meditate daily, and preserve religion and willpower of their work. By doing so, life would improve, and he wished everyone good luck.
He also talked about making an appointment prematurely, as solely ten people per day could be accommodated. He clarified that his workplace doesn’t supply karma corrections or solve personal points. The revealed lucky numbers thrilled the locals at the ceremony, as they aspired to attain the identical success as previous attendees who had received lotteries or fulfilled their needs with Thevada’s blessings..

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