Former temple abbot allegedly sexually assaults teen woman in Thailand

An aged former temple abbot, who is seventy eight years old, is accused of sexually assaulting a sixteen year previous lady and threatening to destroy her family’s house inside the temple grounds. The girl’s brother secretly recorded the abbot’s behaviour and handed the proof to the police, leading to the abbot’s suspension.
Today, a 25 year previous man recognized as ‘A’, and his 16 12 months outdated sister, ‘B’, reported the incident to Thai media, together with the video evidence. The abbot’s alleged abuse happened virtually daily for over three months at a temple in Ayutthaya province.
B acknowledged that she lived with her household inside the temple’s area the place they offered lottery tickets for a dwelling. The incidents started in April when the abbot phoned to buy lottery tickets late at evening. After buying the tickets, he refused to pay, sexually assaulted the woman, after which threatened her not to inform anyone.
The abuse continued with the abbot threatening to demolish her family’s house if B didn’t visit him at his residence throughout the temple grounds. The lady complied as a result of worry for her family’s shelter. The lady eventually confided in her brother, who reported the incident to the police. Despite the suspension, the abbot continued in threatening B and her brother.
A revealed that he first discovered of his sister’s ordeal on May 25. He had confronted the abbot to request that he cease abusing and threatening his sister, who had developmental disabilities. However, his requests were denied. The brother then reported the case to the Ayutthaya police, but they initially said there wasn’t sufficient proof.
On May 28, the brother secretly filmed the abbot’s behaviour and gave it to the police as evidence. Light investigated the case with Social Development and Human Security and sent B to Ayutthaya Hospital for a physical examination..

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