Driving teacher intentionally crashes into and kills Thai police officer (video)

A driving teacher crashed his sedan into the motorbike of a freeway police officer in Pathum Thani province in central Thailand yesterday, instantly killing him.
The crash was captured clearly by the digital camera hooked up to the highway police officer’s helmet. After inspecting the footage, police imagine the crash was intentional.
At 4.30pm, the Highway Police acquired notification of an accident on the Lam Luk Ka Overpass, positioned on Highway No.9 in Lam Luk Ka district.
Upon arrival, the police and rescue team discovered that Pol. Sgt. Satetakarn Loykhampom, from Highway Police Station 2, mendacity dead on the road.
Satetakarn suffered a significant head wound and was discovered near his damaged Yamaha Tracer 900GT motorcycle, which he used for patrolling the freeway.
Approximately eighty metres away from Satetakarn’s body, a damaged black Toyota Vios sedan was parked, and the driver was nowhere to be found. A bottle of beer was found inside the automobile.
Bizarre on the road in addition to the footage from Satetakarn’s helmet cam present the police officer following the black sedan.
As he closed in on the vehicle, the sedan abruptly reduce throughout into the left lane into Satetakarn, fatally crashing into him.
The sedan then misplaced management and crashed into the traffic barrier. The driver was noticed getting out of the automobile and operating away from the scene.
At eight.30pm, the motive force – recognized as 36 12 months outdated driving instructor Kittitat Ratprasert – surrendered to officers at Highway Police Station 2. Kittitat was interrogated for over three hours and underwent drug and alcohol testing, which revealed no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system.
According to the police report, Kittitat explained that he had parked his automobile on the highway to go fishing on the roadside. Satetakarn approached him and requested him to maneuver the automobile as parking in the area was prohibited.
Kittitat reported that Satetakarn attempted to go looking his automotive. He mentioned he received frightened of getting arrested due to the vaporiser and a bottle of beer in the automobile, so he fled.
Kittitat denied any intention to collide with Satetakarn. He claimed that he was frightened and by chance made a flip and crashed into the bike.
However, the police stay unconvinced by Kittitat’s declare. Police will look at extra security digicam footage and query witnesses first however say the Kittikat is likely to be charged with intentional murder under Section 289 of the Criminal Code.
The Highway Police Station 2 expressed their condolences over the loss of Satetakarn and emphasised the magnitude of the loss to the division. Satetakarn was a extremely respected and accomplished policeman.
As Kittikat entered the station for interrogation, a gaggle of Satetakarn’s friends – some police officers and a few – attacked Kittikat.
The friends expressed that they were in a state of disbelief, shock and anger at Kittikat for taking away their friend.
Police officer Satetakarn was soon to be married to his fiancé, his associates advised reporters..

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