Deadly consumption of poisonous mushrooms claims 2 lives, 7 critically sick in Loei Province

Tragedy struck the Isaan province of Loei as a group of people fell victim to the consumption of toxic mushrooms known as Hed Ra Ngok in Thai, ensuing in the deaths of two individuals and leaving seven others injured.
The unlucky incident unfolded on Saturday, May 20, when two residents ventured right into a forest close to the favored attraction, Phu Lom Lo, positioned within the Dan Sai district of Loei. They collected the toxic mushrooms and later shared them with family members and neighbours, unaware of the peril they posed.
After consuming the mushrooms, the 9 individuals skilled signs together with dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhoea, prompting immediate motion. They had been swiftly transported to Somdej Phra Yupharat Dan Sai Hospital at 10pm however due to the severity of their situations, they have been transferred to Loei Hospital, which possessed the necessary tools to offer more complete care.
Tragically, upon reaching the hospital, one victim succumbed to the toxic effects of the mushrooms, whereas one other individual passed away the following morning. The deceased have been identified as Fong Khamping, a sixty nine 12 months outdated girl, and Kham Homwaen, a 41 yr outdated man. No strings attached remaining seven individuals are still hospitalised, with one reported to be in important condition.
During an interview with Amarin TV, Boonthai Khamlong, the 44 12 months old wife of Kham, revealed that her husband had gathered the mushrooms on his personal. According to Boonthai, it was a common apply for residents in the area to forage for mushrooms during the wet season and incorporate them into their meals. However, this time, some toxic mushrooms had unknowingly blended in with the safe ones.
The Loei Provincial Public Health Department issued a warning, urging individuals to train caution when consuming mushrooms from the forest, particularly the Ra Ngok selection. Health officers revealed that these poisonous mushrooms intently resemble their edible counterparts, making it difficult to differentiate between them.
Ra Ngok mushrooms comprise deadly toxins often known as amanitin and phalloidins. The poisonous mushrooms bear a putting resemblance to eggs and exhibit a distinctive ring on their stems..

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