Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary faces closure amid household inheritance dispute

The renowned family-managed elephant sanctuary, Mae Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, might be confronted with closure amidst an ongoing authorized battle over inheritance between the late owner’s eldest youngster and his partner (her stepmother).
The camp, nestled within the Mae Rim district of this northern province, has been grappling with monetary issues which are impacting its operations, according to its supervisor, Anchalee Kalamaphijit. She is the first-born child of the late camp proprietor, Chuchart Kalamaphijit.
According to Anchalee, one main factor attributing to the camp’s liquidity difficulties is a legal dispute. This revolves round Chuchart’s will, which bestows a business portfolio valued at over one billion baht to his offspring and partner.
Anchalee disclosed that the State Property Office officials had sent notifications concerning overdue payment for the camp’s web site lease, a fee summing a quantity of hundred thousand baht.
In Closet leading as much as Chuchart’s passing, he had made his partner, Thitirat Kalamaphijit, and his son co-executors of his will. They were left a substantial sum of money, whereas his eldest youngster was granted only a pair of elephant tusks. Nonetheless, Anchalee was later appointed as another co-executor of her father’s will.
Anchalee had additionally moved legally towards six individuals who she has accused of misappropriating 117 million baht from her father’s assets.
The courtroom struggles, which have lasted since 2019, together with the Covid-19 pandemic’s financial toll, forced Mae Sa Elephant Camp to axe their elephant performances, a big cost-saving measure.
Many mahouts at the camp have resigned amid the continuing turmoil. As a end result, the camp has been downsized and now solely runs an elephant care programme. Here, visitors can participate in bathing and feeding the resident elephants.
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