Charity field bandit nabbed by The Magnet

PHUKET Bizarre : For a combination of stupidity and lack of ethics, few crimes in Phuket in recent times match that of a man who tried to steal a charity donation box placed on the main counter of the Phuket City Police Station on April 21.At 12:30pm that day, a police officer observed that the charity donation field for the Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family had gone lacking.Checking the station’s CCTV recording, the officers noticed that the thief was a tall, dark-skinned man with lengthy hair.Superintendent Wanchai Ekpornpit ordered his deputy Lt Col Chaiwat Auykham, Crime Suppression Inspector Prawit Sutthireuangarun and Inspector for Investigations Wijak “The Magnet” Tarom to seek out the legal.Lt Col Wijak has been dubbed “The Magnet” by the native media for his uncanny ability to solve troublesome cases and bring criminals to justice.This specific investigation didn’t show much of a problem, nevertheless.At precisely 12:34pm – simply four minutes after the crime was first seen – Th

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