Chanthaburi student assaulted in barbecue restaurant over minor misunderstanding

A secondary school student in Chanthaburi was assaulted in a barbecue restaurant by an offended buyer as a outcome of a misunderstanding. The assailant struck the student’s face forcefully, while the student admitted that his selection of words was not the best, however the usage of violence was uncalled for.
The incident caught the attention of the ‘I Want to Be Famous, I’ll Arrange It, Part 6’ Facebook page, which shared video footage of the encounter. Quick questioned the appropriateness of the attacker’s behaviour, especially on situation that the victim was a pupil in a faculty uniform.
The student stated in a message, “What you probably did right now made me and my three pals frightened of the adults who drink alcohol and beer.” He acknowledged that not everyone who drinks is dangerous however was curious about the attacker’s lack of ability to regulate himself in front of a group of students.
The brawl occurred when the scholar and his three friends have been having a barbecue at the same time as a group of consumers which included the aggressor. At round 10.40pm, one of the pals mistakenly believed that the attacker was an worker and asked for a bucket of ice. The attacker angrily responded, after which the scholar tried to make mild of the state of affairs by saying, “‘Handle it, bro. Go for it, bro,” however admitted that his words might have intensified the scenario.
The assailant then forcefully slapped the student’s face and demanded an apology, which the victim complied with, bewildered about the cause for the slap. The attacker’s friend further insisted on an apology, which the student offered. The scholar later discovered from the restaurant staff that the attacker had a historical past of inflicting minor problems at the institution. The scholar reported the incident to the police and sought medical therapy..

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