Baby donkey reunited with mum after two-week Hampshire farm abduction

A two-month-old donkey named Moon, who was taken from a subject at Miller’s Ark Animals farm in Hook, Hampshire, has been safely recovered after over two weeks. The younger donkey was found in Buckinghamshire, and the farm introduced on Thursday that Moon had been reunited together with her mom, Astra.
In a social media post, Miller’s Ark said, “Yesterday evening we travelled to Buckinghamshire, liaised with Thames Valley Police and have recovered little Moon. Behind the scenes are beyond thrilled and Mum and foal are finally back collectively. Moon seems to be in good well being, thank heaven, and we’ll be sure that Moon and her mum Astra get lots of love and care as they rediscover each other.”
The farm expressed gratitude to the police for their swift response and to the “amazing people” who helped unfold the phrase concerning the missing baby donkey. When Moon first disappeared, the farm took to social media to share their devastation and concern, especially given the younger animal’s age. They wrote, “This little donkey might be braying loudly tonight because she shall be lacking her mum badly. This is our probability to seek out her.”
The post gained important attention on Facebook and Instagram, with 1000’s sharing it, including television presenter Kirsty Gallacher, who pledged to assist unfold the phrase..

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