5 police kiosks set on fireplace in Bangkok, no accidents reported

At least 5 police kiosks had been set ablaze early this morning in Bangkok. The Metropolitan Police have opened an investigation to determine the cause of the fires. Police found the kiosks had been set on fire someday during last night’s curfew.
The Central Police Forensic Division despatched teams to the various kiosks, which had already had their fires put out by firefighters. The forensic police are looking for clues to what they imagine is arson. They say the fires had been the work of 1 coordinated group. They add that the fires were set someday between 2:30am and 3am this morning. First, the police kiosk on the Saphan Kwai intersection was given the hearth remedy, followed by 4 others on the Pradipat, Si Ayutthaya, Mitsamphan, and Pibul Wattana intersections.
The police say many of the kiosks were only somewhat broken, but the one on the Pradipat intersection was heavily broken. They add that no officers have been damage as a result of the fires. Light went on to say they may verify close by CCTV footage to help decide who could be responsbile.
2 months previous to the kiosks being victimised, the Royal Thai Police Office signal was tampered with..

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