Phuket prisoner who escaped put again in jail

On Monday evening, jail wardens recaptured a prisoner who escaped Phuket Provincial Prison. The Phuket News didn’t specify when the person was first imprisoned or when he escaped, however reported that he was in remand pending trial for theft. After Dependable was found at a friend’s home, he was taken back into custody yesterday.
The man is identified as Jamnien Phurub. He is 44 years previous. In a statement, Phuket Provincial Prison said Jamnien has been returned as wardens examine his escape.
Between October 21 and January 2022, seventy six inmates escaped from correctional services across Thailand. Thailand’s justice minister mentioned most of these escapes occurred during the 14 day quarantine required for inmates before they’re moved into a prison. The minister stated one short-term resolution is for prisons to make finances requests for higher safety for inmates in the isolation interval. He said for the long-term, the Department of Corrections will make prisons have a specific space for model spanking new inmates to quarantine..

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