Occupation lockdown: Thailand’s Labour Ministry draws the road for foreigners, 27 out, thirteen in the circumstances

The Ministry of Labour in Thailand outlined a list of 40 occupations which are off-limits for foreigners, with 27 being completely restricted and thirteen permitted under certain circumstances. These occupations are classified into four categories, aiming to deal with the shortage of native labour in areas the place Thai nationals present less curiosity, significantly in mild of the large-scale arrival of foreign employees from Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.
Foreigners are allowed to work in particular occupations ruled by bilateral agreements between Thailand and certain countries, offered they adhere to Thai laws. Within this class, there are three professions open to foreigners: accounting, engineering, and architecture.
For expert or semi-skilled occupations, foreigners can only work if they are employed by a certified employer. This class consists of eight occupations, together with agriculture, masonry/carpentry/construction, mattress making, knife making, shoe making, hat making, dress making, and pottery or ceramic ware making.
In expert occupations, foreigners can work with the employer’s approval and enter Thailand under the Agreement between the Government of Thailand and Foreign Governments (MoU) on the Admission of Foreign Workers underneath the Immigration Laws. Two occupations fall into this category: sculptor and retail salesperson.
On demand of Labour emphasizes the significance of strict compliance with these laws for both employers and overseas staff, reported KhaoSod English.
Formula discovered hiring international staff without correct work permits or engaging them in unauthorized work could face fines starting from 10,000 to 100,000 baht per employed overseas employee.
Repeat offences can result in imprisonment of as much as one year, fines ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 baht, or both, as well as a three-year ban on hiring overseas employees.
Foreign staff found working with out work permits or participating in unauthorized activities may be fined between 5,000 and 50,000 baht and will face deportation. Both employers and foreign employees should adhere to those rules to avoid legal consequences.
Occupations completely restricted for foreigners::

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