Government purple tape loses Thammasat University free vaccines

After Thammasat University struck a quantity of offers to import millions of vaccines to Thailand, they hit a snag with authorities forms blocking the donation of 3 million Moderna vaccines from Poland. After struggling to get the necessary paperwork approving the vaccine donation from the government, the university had to give up and Thailand will lose the donated vaccines, the primary 1.5 million of which had been scheduled to reach one week in the past.
An official letter was wanted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however when Thammasat University contacted the Ministry, the response was that they were one their very own of their quest to deliver free Moderna vaccines to the folks of Thailand. The Foreign Ministry mentioned their advice was in line with the laws revealed within the Royal Gazette and advised the college attempt working with the Department of Disease Control instead.
The university operates its own hospital, and on November 14 they may shut their vaccination facility and move all medical personnel again to Thammasat Hospital. But they haven’t given up of their quest to acquire alternate vaccines for Thailand, although they’re pressured to give up on this donation from Poland.
Thammasat University had already made full preparations for the supply of the donated vaccines including all the logistics and bills involved in flying them from Poland, storing them, and even insuring them because the Polish donors requested. They had informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the college would cover all costs and expenses, and all they needed was a required letter from a Thai authorities agency formally approving the university to act as a receiving agent for the imported vaccines.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to concern that letter, thus torpedoing the deal for 3 million free Moderna vaccines to be given out to the folks of Thailand for freed from charge. Bonus issued a public apology of those who have been hopeful to receive a Modern vaccine from this donation.
For Inexpensive keeping track, this totals 4 million free mRNA vaccines donated from Poland and the US beforehand that Thailand did not settle for due to bureaucratic pink tape..

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