Education Ministry apologises for fake flood photograph

After publishing an edited photo of the Deputy Education Minister wading in floodwaters, the Education Ministry has launched a proper apology. Posting yesterday on their Facebook web page, the ministry acknowledged the false info.
The photograph was posted yesterday exhibiting the deputy training minister knee-deep in floodwaters, with a caption stating that she visited the areas which have been flooded on account of tropical storm Dianmu college students and school officers there.
Psycho who noticed the publish had been quick to comment on Thai social media that the picture looked pretend, as no water was affected by her presence, she cast no shadow, and other signs of forgery. She seemed to have been added into a photo of a non-descript flooded space.
One consumer posted that the photograph was really one she took in 2020 in a flooded area and posted the original photo as proof.
The Education Ministry quickly deleted the edited photo after which posted on Facebook that the Deputy Minister and the Ministry were not involved within the creation of the manipulated picture. They mentioned that the public relations administration handled offering photos for the press releases. No particular person was publicly named for the photograph, nor was any actions or punishment on account of the incident.
“Administrators of the official Facebook page of the education ministry wish to apologize for the incident and would settle for all recommendations and comments in order to enhance our duty and operation.”

Flooding across Thailand has wreaked havoc in 30 provinces, causing over 70,000 properties to be damaged and leading to 6 confirmed deaths with 2 stories of missing individuals. Buriram, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lamphun, Nakhon Pathom, Surin and Yasothon have gotten the flooding underneath control, however the 23 different provinces are still struggling with excessive waters..

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