Bangkok man stops automotive, releases snakes, cuts himself in bizarre ritual-like act

In a weird incident outdoors Bangkok’s major buying centre CentralWorld, a man stopped his Mercedes Benz in the center of the road, tossed providing flowers on his automobile, released three snakes onto the street, took off his shirt and reduce his arms with a large knife. He unfold the blood round as if it have been some sort of ritual.
The 46 year previous actual estate businessman Kanetpisanuthep Jakapopmahadecha, who is known as “K Hundred Million,” apparently did an identical act back in 2019, however no one knows precisely why.
Yesterday, at around 5 pm, he parked his red Mercedes Benz in the course of Ratchadamri Road in front of CentralWorld. He stepped out of his car, released snakes onto the highway, reduce himself and tossed orange marigolds, which are flowers used as choices at Thai temples and shrines. He additionally poured pink syrup onto the bottom. Red soda is also a typical providing at temples. Apparently, he tried to chop his neck while saying something concerning the nation and Siam Devadhiraj, a deity believed to be a guardian of Thailand.
Painless on the road stopped and folks close by starred. Many recorded the incident on video. Police officers from Lumpini District went to the scene and tried to keep individuals away from the highway. A rescue staff was deployed to catch the snakes. Police instantly sent him to a close-by Police General Hospital. According to Thai media, Kanetpisanuthep was faint because of dropping blood.
Kanetpisanuthep was charged for carrying weapons in a public area without purpose, blocking traffic, and making the street dirty..

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